Science Tutorials

explore the full genetic diversity of autism and its related disorders

Start with a gene set

When you sign into Autworks you can upload your own gene sets. These gene sets can be explored using the same network visualization tools used with disorders on Autworks. Using these tools you can see interactions between genes in any set you care to upload, as well as the overlap between your sets and the disorders listed in Autworks.

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Community Tutorials

improve autism diagnosis by connecting the autism community

Share a Video

We have created an autism diagnosis tool utilizing the power of video to observe individuals in their natural environment. Our diagnosis tool has the potential to reduce stress, eliminate travel costs/frustration, and shorten the diagnosis process to give families a larger window for early therapy intervention. We are accepting video submissions of autistic and non-autistic individuals to improve the accuracy of our diagnostic tool.

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Take Our Survey

Currently, autism can be diagnosed through the Autism Diagnostic Interview–Revised (ADI-R) from WPS; however, this procedure can be prohibitive due to its length. We have designed a substantially shorter exam of 7 questions that we believe may be as effective at diagnosing autistic children. We need your help to validate our new method.

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Help Us Understand Adults with Autism

Genomes of adults with autism may be more more genetically homogeneous and therefore more likely to yield a clear understanding of autism genetics. Help us improve modern genomic technologies in an effort that will result in diagnostic markers, earlier therapy for newly diagnosed children, and information vital for therapeutic intervention.

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