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So What is Autworks Anyway?

Autworks is a research site devoted to the genetic causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
We built it to provide leads and solutions to researchers like us, answers and insight to families, and to enable faster flow of information between research and reality.

We built Autworks to lay the foundation for a new community, one that is a mixture of medical researchers and non-researchers committed to diagnosing and treating the disorder.

Autism, as a spectrum disorder, has many faces. Behaviors range from mild to severe and vary dramatically among the three core social domains used to diagnose a child as being on, or off, the spectrum. That variation translates into massive amounts of genetic heterogeneity that can stymie standard methods of analysis and that have so far prevented any clear solutions for diagnosis and treatment.

One potential solution that Autworks embodies is in comparative analysis of autism with overlapped, but better understood, human diseases and disorders. Autism's behaviors overlap with that of many other neurological, and non-neurological diseases. In several cases that have been studied by our lab and others, these behavioral similarities are a reflection of genetic similarities. If we can systematically identify and characterize all similarities among a wide array of human disorders and diseases, we will be able to build a succinct mapping between the genetics and the behaviors of Autism, enabling us to literally redefine the disease and to find the genetic pieces that translate into real, clinically actionable tools for diagnosis and treatment.

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More information about our work and mission can be found at the Wall Lab website.