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Autism is a complex disorder

Autworks provides you with the tools to visualize autism's genetics.

Autworks contains a network of the genes linked to autism, and helps you visualize the ways in which they interact.

It also provides methods for examining genes shared with other disorders.

We hope to apply network thinking and cross-disease analysis to provide a picture of how autism-related genes interact.

Getting Started with Autworks:

Autism gene network

Use our interactive network visualization tool to explore interactions between genes associated with autism.
View the network

autworks in action

Autism gene list

View the genes associated with autism, with associated evidence. Examine each gene's role in other disorders.
See the genes

genes for autism

Cross-disease Comparison with Autism

Learn how to use our network visualization tool to compare gene interactions across disorders with this video.

Then compare gene interaction networks with other disorders informative to Autism.

Genetic overlap

Explore diseases with a significant genetic overlap with autism.
List diseases

Compare with your own gene sets

Take a list of genes derived from your own analysis or experiments and compare interactions with genes identified in Autism.

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Search for a disorder that's not listed

Besides the disorders shown above, Autworks includes gene sets for over 2,300 additional disorders that can be compared to Autism.